The Pennsylvania Christmas & Gift Show

Cameron & Maclay Streets Harrisburg, PA

December 2 – December 6, 2020

Celebrating 35 Years for The PA Christmas Show

Celebrating 37 Years for The PA Christmas Show

Christmas in Spring? Why not?

Christmas in Spring? Why not?

We sincerely hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this time of distancing. For many of us, being asked to stay indoors may take some getting used to. But it’s not such a bad thing at all. If cabin fever is setting in for you, why not celebrate Christmas a little early?

Many people around the world have begun hanging up Christmas lights, as an amusing way of cheering themselves up, as well as their fellow neighbors. It’s definitely been having quite the positive effect. You can find a bunch of these beautiful pictures by searching the hashtag #LightsForLife on Twitter and Instagram.

If there was ever a holiday that could inject some joy into people’s lives, regardless of the time of year, it’s definitely Christmas. We think it’s a lovely idea to let your lights shine bright! The magic of Christmas, and all the wonderful things that come with it, can be very uplifting. This is a simple way to brighten someone’s day. Plus, if you’re like a lot of people, there’s a good chance your lights are still up from last year. Just plug them in and spread some love!

Driving around and looking at Christmas lights is a safe, fun activity to enjoy by yourself, or with your family. You can even bring a soothing cup of hot cocoa with you for the road. Turn up the music and sing some cheerful songs together – it’s always a good time to do that! Wouldn’t it be great if something like this catches on in your neighborhood?

Have you recently turned Christmas lights on in your home? Have you seen houses in your neighborhood that are lit up? If so, post your pictures in the Facebook comments, or tag us on Instagram (#pachristmasshow). We can all appreciate something bright and merry to look at, even if it’s from the comfort of our homes.

A little sparkle from Christmas lights can lift our spirits in a big way. Perhaps we just need a little Christmas joy!