The Pennsylvania Christmas & Gift Show

Cameron & Maclay Streets Harrisburg, PA

November 30 – December 4, 2022

Celebrating 39 Years for The PA Christmas Show

Celebrating 39 Years for The PA Christmas Show


eco friendly wear

For many people coming to the Christmas show, there will be a lot of walking involved. This year we will have ARTISANAL GIFTS-RECYCLED MATERIALS with us to help make everyone’s feet a little more comfortable. Maria Loyd spoke to us about the shoes she will be selling, and the other wonderful items shoppers can look forward to at her booth.

Thanks for being an exhibitor at the 2018 PA Christmas & Gift Show. Have you been here before?

This will be my first time.

That’s great! Welcome to the greatest Christmas show in the world! What types of unique products will you be offering at your booth?

Rice Sole Shoes – Eco-Friendly vegan line, Waterproof rice sole boots, Recycled cantaloupe seed necklaces, Recycled coffee bean necklaces, & bracelets Recycled orange peel necklaces & bracelets

That sounds very different and interesting! How long have you been making/selling these gifts?

Since 1997 officially (21 years), but I started when I was 7 years old (40 years).

It seems like you really love what you do. What is your favorite thing about Christmastime?

Making and seeing people happy.

Do you have any other thoughts or messages for all of the shoppers and Christmas lovers coming to this year’s show?

My Rice Sole Shoe collection began from a vision I had after an unfortunate car accident. My vision was to create a line which would help you take care of yourself and maintain healthy & medicinal fulfillment, while keeping your style unique and fresh with my one-of-a-kind shoes.

My shoes are destined to be not just a pair of shoes. I created this line to better suit the needs of people with back, knees, hips, and foot problems, looking for solutions to deal with their pain, by giving extra support and relief to that pain in your daily life.

I truly believe that my shoes with the eco-Friendly and organic formulation is part of a holistic plan to cultivate less pain, less stiffness the next day, and most importantly, the feeling and the spirit of a “healthier you”!

These shoes sound great! Thank you, Maria! We hope you enjoy your first event with us.

ARTISANAL GIFTS-RECYCLED MATERIALS will be located at booth #814 this year. Don’t forget to say hello to Maria, and check out her special shoes and unique recycled gifts!