The Pennsylvania Christmas & Gift Show

Cameron & Maclay Streets Harrisburg, PA

December 1 – December 5, 2021

Celebrating 38 Years for The PA Christmas Show

Celebrating 38 Years for The PA Christmas Show


Kurt Nuckels shared with us some fascinating details about his original bird feeders, and what he looks forward to the most at Christmastime.

Thanks for being an exhibitor at the 2019 PA Christmas & Gift Show. Have you been with us before?

We are excited to be a new vendor at the 2019 PA Christmas & Gift Show.

We are excited to have you here!

What types of unique products will you be selling at your booth?

The Readifeeder, a 100% solid seed bird feeder uniquely formed into the shape of a bird house or snowman. The Readifeeders are handmade one batch at a time using our family’s special recipe. Each batch of seed is hand stirred, mold poured, and pressure packed before going through our dehydration process to lock in freshness. Our seed feeders are attractively decorated, making them the perfect gift for the beginner or avid birdwatcher alike.

That sounds awesome. How long have you been making/selling these bird feeders?

Nuckelberry is a family owned and operated business located in a small rural village in western Pennsylvania. Our claim to fame comes from the creation of the Readifeeder. We began making our solid seed wild bird feeder as gifts for friends and family. Before long, requests to make feeders for sale began to pour in. At the encouragement of our family we began selling the Readifeeder at craft shows in 2015.

It sounds like you were wise to listen to your family!

What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

Laughter. There is nothing as heart-warming as seeing smiling faces and the sound of a good hearty laugh. Whether the giggle of a child or the robust “Ho Ho Ho” of Santa Claus, it brings pure delight. Laughter is the expression of happiness and joy, which is the essence of Christmas.

Laughter is definitely a great thing to share around Christmastime.

Is there anything else you would like to say to all the attendees coming to our show?

No matter what the gift, big or small, it will be the perfect present when it is given with love.

That is so true. Thank you for those words, Kurt!

NUCKELBERRY READIFEEDER will be at booth 856. Don’t forget to check out their one-of-a-kind bird feeders!