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15540 route 6 lot 36
Mansfield PA
Booth: S34

Company Description:

Hello and welcome to my shop! I am mostly a hobbyist and have a need to be doing and trying unique things. I picked up this jewelry thing after learning that most gems are marked as flawed simply because they don't fit mass-produced settings. Stores like Kay's, Jared's, Walmart Etc. cannot use natural normal gemstones because they cannot be mass produced and sold. They are wrong shape, size, color, depth etc. I am on a mission to bring these stones to light and showcase how affordable jewelry can be! You will never find 2 identical items of mine. There will be small differences and each piece is completely unique. Noone will ever have that piece again. They cannot be remade as each natural stone is unique. I support other small businesses by purchasing my stones from small gem cutters and my settings from local metal casters. Be sure to favorite my store to see everything I am making. Feel free to check out my other pages as well. Thank you for taking time to check out my store and have a great rest of the day.

Show Specials:

I am offering a free piece of jewelry, in addition to my normal freebies, in each purchase if you let me know that you found me through the Christmas Harrisburg show! I also offer discounts for veterans if you share your id with me.

New Products

I have a lot of new upcoming items including some wire wrapping, a ton of Christmas jewelry, new bracelets, anklets, lockets and more. I am always changing my inventory based on what my small businesses have to provide me with.

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