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Foraged With Faith

Foraged With Faith
141 West Lane
Slippery Rock PA
Booth: 518


Company Description:

We are a local Pennsylvania Herb & Mushroom farm, with a full time healing and deliverance ministry. We are local experts in wild foraging. We forage all of our own mushrooms from old growth forest in Pa. We don't buy or out source anything! It goes from the forest straight to our own state of the art lab and facility, where it is all processed to perfection, the same way every time! Then it is shipped directly to our customers. The Butler Eagle wrote a article on us calling us the "Mushroom Evangalists"
We set up all over the united states offering prayer and free Bibles, & currently disciple many people the same way Christ did when He was here on earth. We are both pastors under Bob Larson's Spiritual Freedom Church.

May the Lord bless & touch everyone of His children's heart & health in the mighty name of Jesus!

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We are offering a 10% discount for anyone who purchases from our website using the code (Christmas) This code will not expire until 1 month after the end of the show & free shipping.

New Products

We have all the top mushroom supplements available directly to you:
Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Reishi, Maitake. Also a whole line of herbal extracts, pain creme, lip balm, & pet supplements.

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