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Jennifer Domal Studios
West Chester PA
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Company Description:

ARTIST JENNIFER DOMAL grew up writing different styles of pysanky, which is a traditional folk art form of decorating an egg using a wax-resist or batik method. Pysanky is derived from the verb "pysaty"or to write. Jennifer fell in love with egg decorating in the ethnographic, traditional designs and regional styles across central and eastern Europe. She writes or inscribes traditional pysanky from specific regions and recreates those heritage patterns to share with new audiences. Pysanky pre-dates Christian times and was created to be magical objects or talismans for early Slavic peoples to welcome the spring after a hard winter. Jennifer also writes original art eggs on real egg shells - from quail and pigeon to duck and goose and up to larger exotic shells like emu and ostrich.

​Living in the rolling hills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, means that Jennifer is able to source almost all of her eggs locally from hobby farms, neighbors, century farms and poultry specialists. She also sources her beeswax locally from Pennsylvania's Chester and Lancaster counties. While many egg artists use electric kistky (styluses) to design their patterns, Jennifer prefers the variations that a flame offers, akin to a dip pen versus an art pen.

Jennifer lives in scenic West Chester with her husband and a menagerie of pets that include dogs, cats, and a pond full of fish that lend inspiration to her work.

Show Specials:

Free egg stand with purchase of pysanky(a) or batik egg. Free ornament stand with purchase of batik or pysanky(a) ornament.

New Products

Egg Specimens, pysanky and batik eggs mounted in custom shadow boxes, are brand new this season! Each shadow box has a French cleat and can be hung on a wall or beautifully displayed as an art object on any flat surface.

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