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Salt & Grace Co.

Salt & Grace Co.
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Company Description:

MADE IN USA apparel that opens the door to a conversation about where our HOPE comes from!

Faith-inspired graphic tees & more!

Owned and designed by a Lancaster County mama that loves Jesus and loves encouraging others to be bold about their faith.

Our company name is derived from Colossians 4:6 that says “Let your conversation be always full of GRACE, seasoned with SALT, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” Our mission and prayer is that the purchase of our apparel will lead to more opportunities for our customers to share the Good News with the world around them: Having conversations that are full of grace, seasoned with salt!

Based on personal convictions around the importance of buying American-made whenever possible and the heart wrenching truth behind the reality of poor work/ethical practices in foreign factories, Salt & Grace Co. only uses clothing products made 100% in the USA.

New Products

-graphic tees for the whole family
-hats, totes, and other accessories
-stickers, bookmarks, keychains, and other small gift items

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