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House of Crimson & Clover

House of Crimson & Clover
422 Upland Street, E5
Pottstown PA
Booth: 416

Company Description:

House of Crimson & Clover is an apothecary that focuses on providing handmade goods that assist the buyer in creating a curated space for their mental and physical well-being. Everyone has a different method of providing that for themselves, whether through botanical, metaphysical, or natural healing, caring for pets or plants, personal bath and body products, candles, or even accessorizing! We try to provide unique and distinct products to help fulfill each type of self-care philosophy.

Our bath and body products are all handmade in small batches, have various allergen friendly options, are ALL VEGAN AND PLANT BASED, and are ethically and responsibly sourced.
Products we sell for pets are all natural and safe for furry friends.

The kind of jewelry we sell are handcrafted, multi-functional, and cater to the more whimsical of folks.
Home decor options such as unique candles and handmade macrame are also offered. A one-stop-shop for both self care and gifting!

New Products

We have a new whipped soap with a very unique light and fluffy texture, unique diffuser necklaces with accompanying scented oils exclusive to House of C&C, and tons of great gift ideas for everyone in the family!

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