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Jane Parker Fruit Cakes
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The Jane Parker Fruitcake Story......
Fruitcake from Jane Parker became an iconic American brand at the A&P Supermarket. Since the late 1930’s, Jane Parker Fruitcake has been a staple of American families’ holiday traditions. There's something about the rich goodness of Jane Parker Fruitcake that folks just can't resist. That's because Jane Parker Fruit Cake is real, old-fashioned fruitcake, generously filled with more than 2/3 luscious fruits and nuts. Plump, juicy raisins, glazed pineapple, red cherries, and crunchy pecans are just some of the ingredients that make Jane Parker America's favorite fruit cake.

Jane Parker is a brand that has symbolized premium quality baked goods. For over 80 years our fruit cakes were baked for and sold exclusively at over 16,000 A&P supermarkets across America.

Over the next 40 years and across multiple generations, Americans made Jane Parker products a part of their daily lives. During the holidays, a Jane Parker Fruitcake was a family tradition.

Over time, A&P’s footprint across America declined, and as stores closed, Jane Parker products became harder to find. Eventually A&P filed for bankruptcy and the Jane Parker brand, products, and beloved fruit cake was thought to be gone forever.

In 2017 Jane Parker returns!
Two brothers, Chris & Alex Ronacher rescued the Jane Parker brand along with all the original recipes and begin baking the beloved fruit cakes again. To the delight of customers everywhere, Jane Parker is back, and the tradition continues!

Everyone can once again enjoy a premium quality Jane Parker Fruit Cake, and the tradition continues!!

Baked in Classic, Dark, Bourbon and Rum, and Chocolate fruitcake styles, Jane Parker is prepared with all original recipes and ingredients, and is once again baked with pride in America's heartland.

You'll find Jane Parker Fruitcake a treat for any occasion through the entire year, from New Year's to Christmas……it’s the ideal dessert for any occasion!

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Get a quality Jane Parker tote bag free, with any purchase over $35.

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Sampling of all of our products!! Classic Fruitcake, Dark Fruitcake
Bourbon & Rum Fruitcake, Chocolate Fruitcake, Spice cakes, Date nut breads, Liqueur Dessert Cakes. Creative gifting ideas..."Emergency Fruitcake" and gift boxes.

Certifications & Awards

Voted overall winner by the LA TIMES independent fruitcake review 2020

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