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Ohlemacher's Wisconsin Meat & Cheese

Ohlemacher's Wisconsin Meat & Cheese
429 E. Dupont Road 101
Fort Wayne IN
Booth: 593

Company Description:

We offer regular, garlic and jalapeno summer sausage year round. We use top notch ingredients and it's smoked 24 hours for a perfect delicious smokehouse flavor! The Regular has a natural smoke enhanced beefy outrageous flavor. The Garlic Summer Sausage has a mixture of herbs and spices and just it melts in your mouth! We produce a limited addition of our Spicy Summer Sausage each year from October till it's gone.

All time favorite squeaky cheese curds.

We offer cheddar curds in white/ yellow, garlic/herb, dill, jalapeno and yellow. Our curds are seasoned to perfection!!! Great food for all your parties also make fabulous thoughtful gifts!

We also offer case discounts on our summer sausage and cheese curds in larger quantities and gift boxes. Our Summer Sausage has tremendous flavor and a robust aria of flavor !!! There is no other like ours!

Show Specials:

We are offering 1 large stick of Summer sausage for $20 or 2 sticks for $38.

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