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What do you want?

When I found Tastefully Simple back in 2001, I really was not looking for it. After working for the Federal Government for 9 years, and having them relocate to another state, we (my husband and I) decided I would stay home and raise our son.

So, after about a year of being home, I was invited to a Tastefully Simple party......and, that's when Tastefully Simple found me!

* I loved the product! I love to eat! I love great food! and, from a business perspective, a consumable product! Does it get any better?! * Made here is the USA ~ that pleased my husband, and I knew it would please many others as well! * Everyone loved it! Perfect, I can sell this to anyone that eats.

What my Tastefully Simple business has given me is priceless! My ability to be at home while my oldest son was in high middle school/high school years was critical ~ those times could never be replaced! Little did I know that once he graduated High School, I would find myself expecting again! So, yes, I have 2 beautiful children, two boys, with a 19 year age difference, go ahead, laugh - We certainly do!

And, once again, I find myself very grateful for that same job that keeps me home during the days, all while providing an additional income for our family. 14 years after starting my own business, I can honestly say that I love it just as much as I did that first year!

I enjoy meeting new people, I love food and love sharing recipe ideas and delicious dishes with my clients and friends! I am thrilled to say I Party for a Living and I get paid to do it! It is very rewarding to help my hosts and clients earn free products and get the most bang for their buck!

I am ever so grateful for a job that continues to give back to me daily, pays me an incredible monthly salary and provides me the flexibility I need with a toddler at home. And, when I want a raise, I simply give myself one - no questions asked! MY efforts = MY earnings, plain and simple. And, when I need to cut back, I do ... until I am ready to pick back up again.

I have an incredible team of men and women through-out PA and the United States and I would love to share Tastefully Simple with you too!

* open your own Tastefully Simple account and earn an unlimited income * host a party and earn some unlimited product of your choice * host a Freezer Meal FUN-shop and have 10-20 meals ready to go! * place an order to re-stock and/or try something new * for fundraiser information * take care of a few of your gift-giving needs

I also carry stock at home for my local clients to "stop and shop" at their convenience.

Whatever your need, I am here to help, I look forward to hearing from you soon

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